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Clan Battles Season II
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Joined: 14th Dec 2017
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24th Jan 2018

Looks like according to WG website that Clan Battles Season II will be coming right after Ranked finishes pretty much. None T10 players will be able to rent T10 ships for credits again.

Clan Battles Season II
Clan Battles are coming back to World of Warships soon! During the Islands of Ice season, standard rules will apply:
  • Tier X ships will clash in a 7x7 format with no carriers allowed and a limit of no more than 1 battleship per team.
  • A victorious battle moves a Clan up the league's ladder and that's where our main surprise, an extra top league (Hurricane) will be waiting for you.
  • To access it, climb through the Typhoon League through a series of Progression Battles. The Hurricane League does not contain any groups and there are no limits on boosting your Clan's Rating.
Remember, once you lose all your points, your Clan will have to win in a series of Relegation Battles to stay in the league. Consequently, the Clan Rating system will be made up of five Leagues:
  • Squall League
  • Gale League
  • Storm League
  • Typhoon League
  • Hurricane League
During the Public Test, battles take place between teams of three players. Ships aren't available for rent on the Public Test out but it'll be a lot easier to unlock any desired Tier X ship, so go for it!
Plunge right into the heat of battles in League - conditions for progressing through Leagues are noticeably simplified, too. As usual, rented Tier X ships will be available after you've played at least one battle after the Update is live.

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9th Feb 2018

What will the UG ethos for Clan Battles be? Competitive or mainly for kicks?

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Joined: 14th Dec 2017
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11th Feb 2018

How do  @mrblueskye ... In all honesty, we have enough skills to do fairly well, but we have not had a lot of time playing together. We need to build up the base with oil, and clan wars are great for that. We honestly would love to do as well as possible, in answer to your question, probably somewhere in between in this our first season. The more recruits we have the more we can plan. You have seen the team/stats we currently have, compare that to what we did and where we got in 5D3 and the original stats we had across the board. I would say we should do fairly well. First-night last night playing together in CW and we came out 4 wins and 3 losses. so not a bad start.

Joined: 5th Feb 2018
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12th Feb 2018

2 nights gone in CW and 5D2 has reached Gale III

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Joined: 14th Dec 2017
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13th Feb 2018

We are just into the play off's for it, so not too far behind you sir. And we've only played 16 clan battles :-)

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